Karen’s Recordings

Karen has several of her talks and seminars on audio CD’s for purchase. Below is a list of available titles. To keep things simple and secure, we only accept checks or money orders. So please look below the list to find the link to print out an Adobe PDF Order Form. Please print out this form, filling out the required information for contact and shipping, then select the recordings and quantities would like to purchase.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail in a Flat Rate Envelope at a cost of $4.60 for small quantity orders. If your total order is more than 6 CD’s, please contact us via our Contact Karen page to get the correctly adjusted shipping cost.

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Available CD Recordings

Teaching Your Children to Love Jesus

This in-depth 6 CD study course on raising children takes parents through God’s plan for raising children from birth to marriage. $25.00 Order Now

CD-1: Preventive Discipline

This is God’s Foundation for raising children. Preventive discipline is a must for our children to fulfill God’s plan for them. This takes parents into His Word and teaches them to follow His plan.

CD-2: Corrective Discipline

Most parent’s want to know how to master corrective discipline. The first thing that we need to understand is that corrective discipline will not work without preventive discipline. They must be taught together. In this cd we will look at some steps of discipline, the purpose of discipline and the outcome of discipline.

CD-3: Spiritual Disciplines

This CD includes teachings on respect, responsibility, salvation, teaching quiet times.

CD-4: Discipline of Prayer

Teaching your children to pray the way Jesus taught.

Putting on the Spiritual Armor and what to pray for your children.
(Download a picture of the spiritual armor)

CD-5: Discipline of Raising Teenagers

Preparing for Adolescents, Parent-Teen Relationships.

CD-6: Finding a Godly Spouse

Characteristics to teach your child to look for in a mate.

Forgiveness Not Optional

God has given me the opportunity to practice this principle often, how about you? In ministry, at church, at work and in our homes there will be conflict. How are you handling it? Have you let go of old hurts or are you adding the to your list. God is very clear on forgiving and has forgiven each of us so much. This cd is geared toward learning how to forgive, believing God has forgiven you and learning how to share forgiveness with those around us.

$10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 Order Now

Strengthened by Spiritual Disciplines

God has a plan for each of us and wants to use us to further His Kingdom work. There are definitely guidelines for us in Scripture to serve our Lord. There is a cost to discipleship and part of it is discipline. This is a study that walks us through some of the disciplines that we must develop in our walk with God. It is a time to check our daily walk and commit to go farther, deeper and watch God work!

$10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 Order Now

Hearing God’s Call

A testimony of God’s faithfulness through the loss of Karen’s husband. It is a story of miracles, God’s love and God’s call on her life. She shares a picture painted by Thomas Kinkade of the place she lost her husband.

$10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 Order Now

Joy In All Circumstances

A study of Philippians. It explores God’s provision of joy for our journey with Him. It is a study that teaches how to plug into the available “abundant life”, no matter where our journey takes us as God’s children.

$10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 Order Now

Psalm 119 – God’s Word, My Heart

A study of falling in love with God’s Word and with God’s Son. It is a look at David and the lessons he learned through his love of God’s Word. It includes testimony of Karen’s journey through cancer in her son’s life and her own.

$10.00 each or 3 for $25.00 Order Now

Standing In Grace

This series includes Karen’s testimony, her walk in cancer and a study of Ruth’s life. We explore the meaning of grace and learn how to recognize God’s daily grace in each of our lives.

$20.00 Order Now